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Genesis 3: Verse 5 – You Will Be Like God

Genesis 3:5 (CJB)
5 because God knows that on the day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

Now we come to the point where the decision to break the Torah of Adonai is present. Satan gets you to question the commandment; then, he convinces you it is not essential. You reject it or start thinking it’s optional; now, he gets you to conclude that breaking the commandment is necessary. You won’t die if you eat the fruit; you won’t “go to hell” if you eat pork or don’t keep the Sabbath Day, but that only gets you so far. You can believe the words of Satan up to this point and still conclude that it doesn’t hurt to keep the commandments. Many “Christians” are stuck in that place, thinking it’s OK to follow the food laws or keep the Sabbath if you want to. They are just one statement away from Satan’sfinal blow.

But now we come to the last part of Satan’s three-pronged attack, where you find out that there is a necessity to break the commandment. In the scenario, at the tree, it was: “you will be like God.” Suddenly there is something you need, and you can only get it through breaking the commandment. Even though Elohim said, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness,” the serpent presented his case that they were not like Adonai, and to get to that place, they had that one thing Adonai said not to eat.

Today “you will be like God” has been replaced by statements like “if you try to keep the Torah, you have fallen from grace and made void the work of the cross.” These may be different statements, but their purpose is the same—they seek to lead one to believe that you need to question, reject, and ultimately break Adonai’s Laws. Much of “Christian” theology tells you that if you dare to keep whatever commandments have been deemed obsolete, you are voiding the work of the cross. In other words, you are somehow saying that the work of the cross was not enough if you still have to obey the commandments.

But that is not what scripture teaches. The entire reason that Yeshua had to be crucified was that the commandments were broken. What is the purpose of being redeemed from sin if we are supposed to still live in sin? If the point of this whole thing was to reject and live against the Father’s Torah, then shouldn’t the act of eating from the forbidden tree have secured the whole of humanity as being in right standing with God?

The fact is, the reason there is sin, the reason there is evil, the reason there is chaos, the reason we have a Bible, the reason we need to be redeemed, the reason Yeshua had to die and be raised again, and the reason we are to repent from our sin is that someone ate something Adonai said not to eat. And yet today, “Christianity” teaches that if you dare to follow something like the Leviticus 11 food laws, you will ruin everything. How can such a “Christian” theology be anything but the concoction of the same serpent introduced to us at The Tree of Knowledge in Eden?

Today the most contested of all commandments in “Christianity” are keeping the true biblical Sabbath Day, celebrating the biblical Feast Days (also called Sabbaths), and adhering to the Leviticus 11 food laws. Who do you think it is that has all of the “Christians” convinced of such things? Satan, the same serpent who convinced Adam and Eve of these same things in Eden, or Yeshua who taught all of his followers to live by The Torah just as he did?

I do my best not to go into “preachy rants,” but I am getting so sick of people telling me this, that, or some other thing is “not a salvation issue” or “God will not send people to hell” for whatever commandment they have deemed nonessential. It’s absurd, it’s unbiblical, and it’s completely anti-Messiah. Those who ask if something is a salvation issue or if something will cause anyone to go to hell are just trying to convince themselves and others that there is not a penalty for that sin. They are simply asking the wrong question.

This is why Yeshua explained that Satan was a liar from the beginning (John 8:44). The lie is that people can sin and get away with it. But death is the penalty of sin (2:17), as Adam and Eve immediately discover. But the tempter went further and raised doubts about Adonai’s character. He implied that Adonai was wrongly jealous, holding the humans back from their full potential, which was to be like him, “knowing both good and evil” (3:5). So Satan held out for them the promise of divinity with the power to alter life.

We are called to holiness, so why not ask: Is it holy? Is it holy to violate the food laws? Is it holy to break The Sabbath? Is it holy to not celebrate “those Jewish holidays” referred to in Scripture as Yah’s Feast Days? The mark of holiness is defined in Revelation 14:12 as following Adonai’s commandments and the faith of Yeshua. Let me help you out, just in case you have been brainwashed by “Christian” theology and its lies, just as I have. The commandments of God are the instructions of The Torah.

Shortly before this, in Revelation 12:17, we are told that Satan wages war against those who both keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Yeshua. Satan is not at war with “Christianity” because much of “Christian Theology” follows the Genesis 3 serpent. Satan does not need to wage war against his followers, and the moment you embrace “not under the law” and “fallen from grace” and
“nailed to the cross” and “voiding the work of the cross” and “Jesus only” and “not a salvation issue” theology you are a follower of Satan.

From the beginning of creation, Elohim’s plan has always been communion with humanity. Humans, male and female, are “image-bearers” and, being made in his likeness, are called to find identity and purpose in him. Yet, despite the perfection of their union with ADONAI in the Garden, Adam, and Havah (Eve) were tempted and rejected Adonai’s commands. With sin came shame, and “the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized that they were naked” (Gen. 3:7). As a result, humanity is marred with sin. Sin leads to death. What is death? The Scriptures describe death as being cut off from the land of the living or the people (Lev 18:29; 20:6, 17; Isa 38:10–12). And this leads to the New Testament terminology of spiritual death for people who do not believe in the Lord (Eph 2:1) and a second death for them after the resurrection from the first death (Rev 20:6, 14; 21:8). They chose the path of rebellion and sin instead. Yet Adonai has provided a covering for our nakedness and sin, and that is Yeshua.