Matthew 5:17 Ministries

“Tzedakah” is typically associated with charitable giving in modern-day Jewish culture. However, its origins point to a broader meaning. In the Bible, “tzedakah” referred to “righteous behavior” and was often linked with “justice.” Within Jewish tradition, providing material support for those in need is not a matter of generosity beyond what is expected but rather a requirement. Therefore, it is not considered a mere act of “charity.”

According to Rabbinical commentators, using “justice” twice in the commandment is deliberate and meant to emphasize its significance. Unlike the common perception of charity as an act of goodwill, Tzedakah is given to achieve equity and fairness worldwide. Its purpose is not to provide aid out of kindness but to address and correct injustice.

How we give charity is just as important as what we offer. The Talmud warns us not to humiliate a beggar, for God is beside him. Rabbi Eleazar said, “The reward paid for giving charity is directly related to the kindness with which it is given.” Deuteronomy 15:10 cautions, “Your heart shall not be grieved when you give.”

Tzedakah is a simple act of charity that anyone can perform without prior experience. Take out your wallet, credit card, checkbook, or smartphone and donate funds to a worthy cause. While we are happy if you choose to donate to any organization or individual, we humbly point out that our ministry is dedicated to providing authentic biblical teachings to Jewish and non-Jewish believers, free of charge. If you would like to support our cause, we would be honored if you choose to make Matthew 5:17 one of your destinations for Tzedakah. All contributions are tax-deductible and are used for ministry purposes only.