Matthew 5:17 Ministries

Redefining What God Has Defined

One of the biggest sins of our time is redefining what God has already defined.

Notice how clear this is across a multitude of issues – 

* Man and woman are no longer supposed to have definitions outside personal feelings of identity… (Redefining Genesis 1:27).

* The family unit is any set of relationships we please… (Redefining Genesis 2:24, Ephesians 5).

* The creation of life is not sacred – we now must have the right and the technology to destroy it… (Redefining Genesis 1:28, 9:4-7).

* Marriage is optional and flexible… (Redefining Genesis 2:24).

* Ethnicity is a profound barrier to our shared humanity… (Redefining Genesis 1:27; Acts 17:26).

* Truth is “my truth” and “your truth…” (Redefining Genesis 1:1; John 8:31-32, 14:6).

* Good and evil are considered “what’s right for me…” (Succumbing to Genesis 3:5).

* Humanity is considered cancer on the planet, rather than legitimately being sustained by it… (Redefining Genesis 1:28-30).

* Animal life is sacred, at least as much if not more than human life… (Redefining Genesis 1:27).

* Destiny is ours to create… Redefining providence itself.

These are all signs that we are rebelling against our status as creatures, therefore arrogating to ourselves the prerogatives of the Creator.

We are all the creators now, as per Romans 1:25.

This opens up near endless possibilities for new kinds of evil. That is the concern Adonai raised at Babel when the people sought to reach heaven – “nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.”

Under such conditions, a society may either destroy itself or Adonai will bring it to an end.

It’s true – everything is on very thin ice in the West. I think most can see that.

But there is a third option, which we are supposed to be more concerned with.

Adonai can still save such a people. Remember Nineveh?

We must not be like Jonah, wagging our heads and losing our hearts. Be a Paul, distressed by idols, and preaching for his life (and theirs).