Matthew 5:17 Ministries

The Christianity Crisis

Discarded Torah Culture

The most discarded mindset and culture by Christianity today is the very mindset and Culture of YESHUA. Christianity claims that they preach the authentic Jesus, but in reality, they reject the same mindset and culture of the real Yeshua. The mindset and culture of Yeshua are found within the entirety of scripture. Upon reading them with an open heart and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will discover that Yeshua’s mindset and culture are the Torah.

When he was eight days old, he was circumcised. He obeyed and honored his parents. He observed Saturday Sabbath. He celebrated all of the Feast days, Purim and Hanukkah. He preached, taught, and interpreted the Torah. He followed the Torah perfectly. He observed the Torah perfectly. If Yeshua obeyed, followed, observed, preached, taught, interpreted, and loved the Torah, and people say they want to be like YESHUA, why are people fighting so hard to stay away from the Torah?

You cannot say you love and preach the authentic “Jesus” when you don’t do what he did and don’t do what he commanded. You cannot say you know Yesuah and then reject the Torah. You cannot say you have accepted YESHUA and then refuse to accept the Torah. If you love Yeshua, have accepted YESHUA, and know YESHUA, you will love, accept and know the Torah.

Antinomian Theological Inconsistencies

I will probably get some backlash, but this needs to be said. Many in the Antinomian world do not consider how inconsistent the Theology they have adopted is. They have to spend significant amounts of time thinking of things to “fill the gaps” between how they view one passage and another. The Bible is FAR more consistent than many are willing to admit. They like being able to change their perspective and make Scripture “fit” according to their views; most don’t even realize they are doing it. It is called Cognitive Dissonance.

Sadly, it’s far less cognitive than the name implies. It’s typically the result of reprogramming the critical thinking portion of our brains with a Theology or Doctrine that is inconsistent, forcing scripture to align with it on an instinctive, almost self-preservation level. I put it this way because people will fight to the bitter end to protect a doctrine, Theology, belief, etc., even when they are shown through scripture that it is inconsistent with the rest of scripture. If they were to concede that this could be true, they would find themselves aligning with a demonic view. This view within Christianity has led to the inconsistent findings and questions you’ve had when you see them while reading Scripture.

A Lack Of Authentic Torah Ministers

We have today: psychics instead of prophets, entertainers instead of preachers, organizers instead of evangelists, and self-help guru teachers instead of teachers of G-d’s word. When a minister starts pleasing a crowd to accumulate followers instead of satisfying G-d to weed out followers, that is when we fail to build G-d’s Kingdom; instead, we are now making our own Kingdom.

Next time a prophet prophesies to you and does not tell you to get back to The Torah, that prophet is a false prophet. A prophet cannot say that G-d spoke to them and at the same time reject G-d’s infallible word called the Torah. The same as a preacher or a church, or an evangelist. They cannot claim that God had called them, and at the same time, they reject and preach against the very words of G-d, which is the Torah.

Any prophets, preachers, evangelists, and churches that reject and do not practice the Torah are all false and counterfeit ministers because they cannot be authentic followers of G-d and, at the same time, do not have the conviction to embrace and obey the Torah. An honest, genuine follower of G-d has the conviction to embrace and follow the Bible, including the Torah. If they don’t have that conviction, they are fake, false, Wolfe in sheep’s clothing charlatans. The Bible said, come out among them!

It is time for the authentic Gospel of Yeshua to be proclaimed!